First Post: An Introduction

My name is Gal Gamer, and as the tag suggests, I’m a gamer, and female.


Why hello there~!!

I feel like I should probably use this very first post to introduce myself, not just as the blogger but also as the gamer given how we’ve only just met each other today, but I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can. Anyway,  my name is Gal Gamer, and as the tag suggests, I’m a gamer, and female.

I wouldn’t say I was a casual or a hardcore gamer. I’m more of a gamer that sits in the middle: I will obsess over a game for any amount of time between days or weeks before either finishing it or forgetting about it entirely. I swear I have more games I haven’t completed than I have games that I have, and I certainly know that there are a lot of games that I haven’t even had time, funds or in some cases the cajones to play, or indeed interest -very unlikely that you’ll see many Modern Warfares or general sporting titles up here, though I may flirt with the idea of playing other shoot-’em-ups. It’s kind of surprising how much Sniper Elite 4 appealed to me after years of resisting the lures of Call of Duty, Tom Clancy games and the aforementioned Modern Warfare series.

I’m more of an RPGer, particularly JRPGs, since that was the genre that got me into gaming hook, line and sinker. Actually, if I’m frank and honest, while Pokemon Blue version had been my very first game, with my very first handheld console -a teal Gameboy Color- it had been a borrowed version of Final Fantasy IV for the Gameboy Advance that had got me into gaming proper. I would nick my brother’s GBA for hours at a time when he was otherwise occupied just to play it. Subsequently I got my own GBA and, nine finished Final Fantasy games, five main consoles from across three generations, five handheld consoles and round about fifteen years later, here we are. Me, talking to you, having this conversation. How time flies when you’re having fun, huh?

Now to the more nitty gritty. I am a Playstation girl. I have nothing against the Xbox, I just preferred the Playstation’s exclusives. That’s it. Everyone is welcome here since I won’t just cover the exclusives; the cross platform games get to hang out here too. The only thing I will say is that the games I cover are the ones that I love and enjoy so that will mean not just the new releases; older games get their time in the spotlight too, and boy will we have a lot to talk about in the 3DS section.

This month though, this most incredible and most exciting of months were so many good games are getting released, I can’t help but feel that its serendipitous that I felt compelled to write about the hobby that I love the most. So cheers to what’s already shaping up to be one of the finest years in gaming history; let’s make it a good one together.

Lovely chatting with you all~ See you Friday~!

The Pre-Order Conundrum

So, for the most part, I pre-order my games. That’s mostly because living in the middle of nowhere and not always able to get to the nearest GAME store for new releases, I find it easier for it to be delivered to my door. Of course, it is always annoying when the pre-orders are, sometimes, not just the vanilla version of the game but also little other attachments that are meant to enhance the gameplay experience… or just exclusive virtual and physical collectibles of varying shapes, sizes, types and ‘worth it’ value. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes paying a little more is no hardship for a good game, and that there are going to be fans of franchises/studios who want to have the exclusive merchandise to go with their main purchase, but the business of providing a good pre-order is fraught with issues. There are good examples of pre-ordering… and then there are bad ones.

Continue reading “The Pre-Order Conundrum”

Why you should play… The Sexy Brutale

A darling little gem from the indie scene!

First things first, I’d like to apologise for the sudden prolonged break. I had a terrible case of the summer cold, meaning I didn’t feel like doing very much at all. I’ve only really started to recover now. So to make up for my lack of appearance online, I’m going to FINALLY post this piece that I was meant to review back at the end of April.

The Sexy Brutale. Part murder mystery, part Groundhog Day simulator. All wrapped up in some honestly terrifying supernatural circumstances and events, bloody girls and soul-sucking haunted masks aside, and in a setting befitting of an Agatha Christie novel… maybe. If she were on acid or laudanum, or era appropriate narcotic of choice. It’s this heady mix of Christie-esque glamour, murderousness and a killer soundtrack that makes this one of the most addictive games I’ve had the pleasure of playing.  Continue reading “Why you should play… The Sexy Brutale”

We Need to Talk About Ann

Is she being too sexualised to be taken seriously?

So after an enforced break from Persona 5, I finally managed to continue from where I had left off… though something has been bothering me a little bit. Perhaps its because Ann is starting to get her arse handed to her in recent battles which means she’s on the floor most of the time, or maybe its because there’s been a few more subtle to not-so-subtle dominatrix references in-game, but is it just me or are women being sexualised to a fetishist’s degree in Persona 5? To be more specific, is Ann being too sexualised to be taken seriously? Continue reading “We Need to Talk About Ann”

Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros., a Retrospective Review

What a dreamy game! And you should play it!

So here we are. The first of the Retrospective Reviews, and since we’ve last played and reviewed a platformer, I thought we’d stick with the theme by playing one of the Grand Old Plumber’s games on the 3DS. Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros. -or sometimes just known as Mario & Luigi Dream Team outside of Europe and Australia- is the fourth in the Mario & Luigi series, which melds traditional platforming with role-playing elements such as stats, equipment and turn-based combat. Sounds like it shouldn’t work, yet it does. Beautifully.  Continue reading “Mario & Luigi Dream Team Bros., a Retrospective Review”

Why Nostalgia can be Both a Good and Bad Thing for Games

One double-edged sword that needs proper care when swinging

Nostalgia. It’s a finicky, fickle mistress. It builds up good memories of games that you absolutely loved when you were growing up to the point that you end up forgetting some of its flaws, only to drag you back down again when a modern game tries to bring back the spirit of it and fail. Nostalgia is basically a distortion of your memories of anything that was good at the time, but if you tried to bring it back now to modernise it you’d probably only find that a select group of people would enjoy it for the old memories while newcomers might find bewildering.  Continue reading “Why Nostalgia can be Both a Good and Bad Thing for Games”

Why you may want to play … Yooka-Laylee

Keep your rose-tinted glasses on firmly with this retro-flavoured game

For me, while this is definitely not my first time playing a platformer, it is the first time I’ve played a platformer in the spirit of 90s stalwart Banjo-Kazooie. I’m considering this a chance to make up for the fact that I never got a chance to play Banjo-Kazooie, but as someone who hasn’t played the spiritual predecessor to Yooka-Laylee, I feel that I can review it without the nostalgia rose-tinted glasses on. Theoretically of course.  Continue reading “Why you may want to play … Yooka-Laylee”

Why Addressing Big Issues in Gaming is a Good Thing

Gaming can be just as good a platform as a book, film or TV show

Please note that there are spoilers for the opening hours of Persona 5, as well as spoilers for Nier: Automata and Mass Effect: Andromeda. If you don’t want to be spoiled, please look away now.  Continue reading “Why Addressing Big Issues in Gaming is a Good Thing”