The Pre-Order Conundrum

So, for the most part, I pre-order my games. That’s mostly because living in the middle of nowhere and not always able to get to the nearest GAME store for new releases, I find it easier for it to be delivered to my door. Of course, it is always annoying when the pre-orders are, sometimes, not just the vanilla version of the game but also little other attachments that are meant to enhance the gameplay experience… or just exclusive virtual and physical collectibles of varying shapes, sizes, types and ‘worth it’ value. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes paying a little more is no hardship for a good game, and that there are going to be fans of franchises/studios who want to have the exclusive merchandise to go with their main purchase, but the business of providing a good pre-order is fraught with issues. There are good examples of pre-ordering… and then there are bad ones.

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Why you should play… The Sexy Brutale

A darling little gem from the indie scene!

First things first, I’d like to apologise for the sudden prolonged break. I had a terrible case of the summer cold, meaning I didn’t feel like doing very much at all. I’ve only really started to recover now. So to make up for my lack of appearance online, I’m going to FINALLY post this piece that I was meant to review back at the end of April.

The Sexy Brutale. Part murder mystery, part Groundhog Day simulator. All wrapped up in some honestly terrifying supernatural circumstances and events, bloody girls and soul-sucking haunted masks aside, and in a setting befitting of an Agatha Christie novel… maybe. If she were on acid or laudanum, or era appropriate narcotic of choice. It’s this heady mix of Christie-esque glamour, murderousness and a killer soundtrack that makes this one of the most addictive games I’ve had the pleasure of playing.  Continue reading “Why you should play… The Sexy Brutale”