About the Gal

What’s your name?

The real name is Georgia, but I go under the nom de plume of Gal Gamer… though my gamertag in real life is more likely to be RosaAngelicus due to the fact that GalGamer and all variations appear to be very popular. Which is a shame.

So why Gal Gamer?

It is mostly influenced by my girl crush Gal Gadot aka new Wonder Woman, but I also thought it would be a good name for a girl who likes to play games to use on the interwebs. As mentioned before, sadly a lot of variations of the name were already used as gamertags online. Whoops. At least in singleplayer games if the option is there I can use it.

And why RosaAngelicus?

It’s my fanfiction.net username! Simples!

What games do you like to play?

I love JRPGs in particular, but I’m not averse to other genres either. I’m not overly keen on shooters because I often find it stressful, perhaps though I might be able to get over that while doing this blog.

What’s your stance on the phrase ‘girl gamer’?

I personally don’t see why gender should come into it. I don’t call the menfolk ‘boy gamers’. I expect the same courtesy. I am a gamer. I just happen to have two X chromosones and a love of pinks and pastels.

Why do you get the games at certain times of the year?

Sometimes I might be behind North America because I live in the European region. More specifically the UK. The thing about Europe is that there are numerous languages that Japanese games have to get translated into, which means more often than not the US will get Japanese games faster than us as they only really have to worry about Americanised English and Spanish to translate into.

You don’t seem to review all the games that come out in a year.

How observant. That’s because I’m not being paid for this. I do this out of the love of gaming. That does mean that I’m choosing to pay for the games I do want to play as a result. As much as I want to play them all, with bills to pay and general IRL admin to deal with, I have to be picky.

Will you review indie games?

Provided they attract my attention, then yes.

What happens in the case of dry spells in game releases?

Then I’ll be doing some retrospective retro gaming reviews. Basically I’ll be going into my catalogue of games on the PS4, PS3, Wii, 3DS and PSP.

Wait! No Xbox/PSP Vita/Wii U/other past console?!

Sadly not. While I still have my Gameboy colour, its been badly damaged. My Gameboy Advance did not survive a childhood ‘Mother’s Cleaning Purge’, the Gamecube was sold off and the PS2 got thrown away as well. I’ve never owned an Xbox, I never really saw the need for a PSP Vita, and that goes for the Wii U as well. What else… oh! And consoles from the early 90s backwards I was either too little to have them… or not even born. So… yeah?

I bet you’ll review some girly game like Barbie or-

Yeah, let me stop you there. No.

Will you do videos?

If the demand is there and I think I can spare a few more bob, then sure. I’m not a commentator though. I can’t really talk and game at the same time. (Yes, I know, how absolutely mindblowing.)

Can we ask you questions?

Sure. For now just comment. I might put my contact details in later.

Will you marry me?